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South Carolina Gamecocks Football - The Feed Pail: October 23, 2015

Is Orth the answer?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The StateThe South Carolina defensive front seems to be showing some improvement. The team has already reached it's sack total from last year with five games remaining so whatever they're doing seems to be working. However, they could have their hands full when they take on Texas A&M on Halloween.

Gamecocks CentralDoes Perry Orth have a chance to finish the year as the starting quarterback? Although, I haven't been Orth's biggest fan I think this might be true. South Carolina doesn't have anybody better to play ahead of him and he did play well this weekend. Orth still has his limitations though, but this team clearly isn't overachieving so I guess they could be doing worse.

Gamecock CerealPodcast: How South Carolina ranks among the top coaching positions in the country. In terms of the available coaching jobs I would rank the Gamecock position ahead of Maryland but behind the other USC. After all, South Carolina is located in a state with some talent and plays in the SEC, two crucial elements when it comes to recruiting.