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South Carolina QB Lorenzo Nunez injured in 4th quarter against Missouri

The freshman quarterback went down after a nice run on a 3rd and long situation.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With the South Carolina Gamecocks trailing 24-10 and in need of some big plays to get themselves on the road to a comeback, they took another hit at the quarterback position. Freshman Lorenzo Nuñez took an awkward spill onto the field after a nice 3rd-and-long pickup and would leave the game. Official word from the team was a shoulder sprain. Perry Orth took over for him the rest of the way.

Nuñez actually wasn't having that bad of a game before departing. He was 15-24 for 172 yards and a touchdown passing, while on the ground he picked up 60 yards on 15 carries. However, he did throw three ill-advised picks, one which allowed the Tigers to extend their lead and hold the Gamecocks off the rest of the way.

Connor Mitch, of course, was already out of commission with an injury of his own. Depending on how things go with Nuñez, the team could be facing a situation next week against LSU where Orth's starting and their backup is Michael Scarnecchia. Nobody could have imagined that scenario before the season started, but as it stands now, we may be one injury away from seeing the Gamecocks having gone through all four quarterbacks on their roster just six games into the season.

Certainly far from ideal, but we'll keep an eye on developments and keep you updated on what Nuñez's status is for the game against the other Tigers - these Tigers being from LSU, by the way. Hopefully some rest can help him and get him ready to go.