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South Carolina Gamecocks at Missouri Tigers: Steve Spurrier Postgame Press Conference

The HBC talks about the loss to Missouri

Ed Zurga/Getty Images
On why the Gamecocks lost:

Missouri outplayed us, that's all you can say. They ran the ball better. We had three turnovers there in the 3rd quarter or so that hurt. And I don't know that we got any turnovers...So they played smarter than us and they could run the ball. Their 3rd down conversions were very good...They were a better team. Better team, better coaches. I don't think we coached a spectacular game, but anyway, give Missouri credit. They played with no turnovers, we had three big ones, and they ran the ball better than us.

On Missouri's defense:

But again, give Missouri credit. They've got the number one defense in the SEC coming into the game and they're probably gonna be number one coming out of it.

On the Gamecock defense and why teams have passed so well against USC:

Yeah, the pass rush that we thought we were gonna have has not quite been there.

On the running game:

Yeah, the only thing we had was Lorenzo. David Williams had one run. We sorta got messed up on the run where they reviewed the catch by Pharoh. We didn't block those guys very well. We need to reevaluate a little bit some of our inside runs. Yeah, there's some things we can do differently.

On Lorenzo Nunez:

Yeah, we wish he'd thrown those [interceptions] in a little different spot. We'll go back and watch the tape and we'll see. We had some guys open, I think. And we gotta get the ball to the open guy at the right time and we didn't do that.

I think he's got a little bit of a sprained shoulder. How bad, we'll just have to wait and see...Every now and then quarterbacks need to run, but we don't need him to run this much.

[Nunez will start] if he's okay. If not, we'll give Scarnecchia a chance or Perry this week.

Oh yeah, he had a lot of good plays.

On the officiating:

So these phantom calls, I've never seen...I don't know, maybe they're right and I'm wrong. And that's not what beat us. Don't get me wrong, that's not what beat us. But I don't like these phantom calls. If nobody in the ballpark sees them...well we've had our share this year.

Yeah, usually I don't say anything about officiating. We'll go back and look...I never saw a replay.

On how the Gamecocks will bounce back and move forward:

Well we'll try to bounce back like we did after the Kentucky game, after the Georgia game...Try to get ready for LSU the best way we know how.