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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 5

The top of the conference is a mess

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. LSU -My #1 ranking mostly goes to Leonard Fournette, but I think I have to put his whole team up here with him.

2. Alabama -Completely overpowered Georgia in what was supposed to be a good matchup.

3. Florida -Ole Miss might've just had a bad game, but the Gators looked great on Saturday.

4. Ole Miss -The Rebels weren't impressive on Saturday but they're still probably one of the best teams in the conference.

5. Georgia -The Bulldogs are still a contender in the SEC East, but they have no good wins and just got blown out by the only good team they've faced.

6. Texas A&M - Still haven't played any really good opponents, but the Aggies look good.

7. Mississippi State -The Bulldogs feel like they'll hang around in the middle of the pack all season. They're good enough to beat the bottom half of the conference but not good enough to be in with the best teams at the top.

8. Kentucky -Their only loss is to a good Florida team, but really? Overtime against Eastern Kentucky?

9. Missouri -Won a conference game, which is great, but it was against the Gamecocks...

10. Tennessee -Switched things up this week by blowing their two-score lead early in the game instead of in the 4th quarter.

11. Arkansas -Arkansas is not a good team but at least they were able to hang around in their first SEC game and get a close win in their second.

12. Auburn -A close win over San Jose State is not enough to keep the Tigers from dropping a spot

13. South Carolina -The Gamecocks just lost to one of the only teams on their schedule that looked even remotely beatable. Things aren't looking good at all.

14. Vanderbilt -The Commodores rallied to win a close game! It was Middle Tennessee, but at least it was a win.