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Steve Spurrier says he "(doesn't) have the animosity most (South) Carolina fans have for Clemson"

Interesting quote from the Head Ball Coach.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is sure to raise some eyebrows among South Carolina Gamecocks fans, especially after what has been a tough season on the football field, and given the fact that it has to do with the program's primary rival.

During his "Carolina Calls" weekly call-in radio program, Steve Spurrier gave an interesting quote that is...well...take a look and decide for yourself about what you think.

I mean, this is a very interesting quote. We know Gamecocks fans hate everything about the team in the Upstate. Many would expect that Spurrier would share that same hatred, but from what he's stated, apparently not. He was also very uncharacteristically complimentary of Dabo Swinney and his team:

Unfortunately, the same can't really be said for Carolina: they haven't been very good on defense and they're in far worse shape than the Tigers, who enter this weekend 4-0.

Of course, beating Clemson at the end of the season at Williams-Brice would be a nice ending to what appears to be setting up for a down year, but for now, the Gamecocks turn their attention to other Tigers: the ones at LSU.