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Shawn Elliott press conference: What kind of fan base will show up Saturday?

The Gamecocks finally get to host a home game after nearly a month of empty stands inside Williams-Brice. And Shawn Elliott wants it rockin'.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Interim head coach Shawn Elliott sat down with the media for his weekly press conference Tuesday afternoon to preview this weekend's matchup with the SEC East champion Florida Gators. While Elliot spent most of his time discussing this week's game plan, and what the Gamecocks may have in store for the Gators, he didn't waste a chance to talk up the South Carolina fan base in hopes of an energized crowd come noon time Saturday.

I think in the last couple of weeks we have brought some excitement back to our fan base...I want them to be here and I would love it to be sold out and love it to be as loud as it can be.

This season hasn't been what any loyal Gamecock supporter would've liked to see, and it's been even tougher for a 3-6 team that's witnessed it's head coach walk away midway through the year. Ten days into the final full month of college football's regular season, the Gamecocks have only hosted three home games. No other SEC team has dealt with such unfavorable circumstances.

While it's been tough playing role of the away team for the better part of the season thus far, South Carolina will enjoy the friendly confines of Willy B for the season's final three match-ups - two of which will host potential CFP candidates. And, if the Gamecocks have any hope of winning out and becoming bowl eligible, they'll need a hyped up crowd determined to irritate the team in white.

The people (make it special). The Gamecock fans. The fan base creates Williams-Brice...Through thick and thin, wins and losses - the passion that these fans have for Carolina Football and Carolina Athletics is what sets us apart. These Carolina fans know how to do it and how to do it right.

Let's hope Gamecocks around the state have appreciated the work Elliott has put in thus far to create a competitive team that refuses to give up even when circumstances have been dire. Elliott has done everything he can to make this team buy into his philosophy, and for the most part it's worked. While we haven't seen the improvement result in W's, the Gamecocks are knocking on the door. We'll find out Saturday if the fans are ready to blow it down.