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Is a bowl game in the future for the South Carolina Gamecocks?

South Carolina must finish 3-1 in their last four games if they want to go bowling. What are the odds of them winning at least three of their final games? While not impossible, it's going to be tough.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When South Carolina fans walked out of Bank of America Stadium in early September, they probably didn't think they would be sitting with only three wins by the beginning of November.

But that is how the season has gone for the Gamecocks. An offense that has struggled to score touchdowns in the redzone paired with a defense that has struggled to keep opponents from scoring has led to a 3-5 record and only one conference win so far in 2015.

Partner the poor season with the departure of Steve Spurrier and it's clear that this year won't be celebrated too much among fans. It's going to take a 3-1 record down the stretch for South Carolina to avoid missing a bowl game for the first time since 2007.

But just how likely are the Gamecocks to finish the year with a .500 record and take a bowl trip? Let's take a look at their remaining schedule:

11/7 - @ Tennessee (40% chance to win)

SEC road games are never easy. Pair that with a dual threat quarterback Joshua Dobbs, who has thrown for over 1500 yards and run for 438, and it seems as if South Carolina doesn't stand a chance at Rocky Top.

But take a closer look and things may not seem so grim for the Gamecocks. Tennessee has given 411 yards per game this season as well as over 24 points a game. If South Carolina can play offensively the way they did last week against Texas A&M and get touchdowns instead of field goals when given the chance, then this game may be closer than the experts say.

With that being said, the Gamecock defense is still going to have to find a way to stop Dobbs. The Tennessee coaches can learn a lot from the A&M tape last weekend. Until South Carolina can find a consistent rush and find a way to stop the run, they will always be a liability.

11/14 - vs. Florida (25% chance to win)

The Florida Gators finished 7-5 last year after winning the Birmingham Bowl. Two years ago they lost to Georgia Southern. They are a win against Vanderbilt away from winning the 2015 SEC East and heading to Atlanta.

This game being played in Columbia is the only reason the Gamecocks will play the Gators remotely close. Florida's defense is ranked 15th nationally and is only giving up 300 yards/game. Treon Harris has played well filling in for the suspended Will Grier and provides the Gators with a dual threat option.

If South Carolina can't control to the ball and can't keep its defense off of the field, this game won't be close. Florida will still have its sights on the College Football Playoff and will come to Columbia on a mission.

11/21 - vs. The Citadel (99.9% chance to win)

Never say never (The Citadel is currently 6-2 and it has happened before) but this game shouldn't be close.

"Shouldn't" being the key word.

11/28 - vs. Clemson (10% chance to win)

Gamecock fans may not want to hear it, but the team in the upstate is good. Very good.

Clemson is currently the #1 team in the country and there doesn't appear to be any signs of "Clemsoning". While they may not play the strongest schedule in the country, that isn't their fault. They have taken care of each team on their schedule with an offense that can seemingly score at will. Dabo Swinney is one of the best motivators in college football and his team has responded.

This is a rivalry game and absolutely anything can happen. Clemson, barring a trip up against Florida State, will most likely come into this game 11-0. Unless South Carolina pulls off the upset against Tennessee or Florida, this will be their bowl game.

The Gamecocks will have nothing to lose while Clemson will have everything on the line. Still, the Gamecock defense will have to find a way to stop an offense that is averaging over 30 points a game and a quarterback in Deshaun Watson (yet another dual threat guy) that has already thrown for almost 2000 yards.

A win for the Tigers is by no means a given, but as of right now, it is very likely.