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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 13

The Gamecocks finish the season in last place

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama -Auburn kept the Iron Bowl interesting, but the Tide rolled and is still on track for the CFP.

2. Ole Miss -The Rebels handled their rivals without much of a problem and finished the regular season just an improbable Arkansas play away from being in Atlanta.

3. Florida - Though they've won most of their games, the Gators have looked thoroughly unimpressive over the last few weeks. Fortunately for them, "thoroughly unimpressive" is still a level above most of the SEC East.

4. Arkansas -The Hogs beat Missouri to end the regular season with a winning record both overall and in the SEC.

5. LSU -The Tigers finally snapped their losing streak and decided not to fire a beloved coach that wins lots of games.

6. Tennessee -The Vols finished their season on a long winning streak with a big victory over Vandy.

7. Mississippi State -The Bulldogs finish the regular season where they spent most of the year. They're clearly better than a lot of the bottom teams in the conference, but not among the best SEC teams.

8. Georgia -They beat their rivals to finish the season 9-3 and fired Mark Richt the next day.

9. Texas A&M -The Aggies are a good team and finished with a solid record, but that still left them in the bottom half of their division.

10. Auburn -The Tigers kept most of their games close this season, but they just couldn't manage a winning record in the regular season.

11. Vanderbilt -The Commodores are not a good football team, but they are better than some of the other SEC East teams.

12. Kentucky -The Wildcats got off to a promising start, then completely collapsed. That sentence describes Saturday's game against Louisville, but it also describes Kentucky's entire season.

13. Missouri -A dismal season finally ended for the Tigers. They've said that they won't take a bowl bid and will (presumably) now focus on their coaching search.

14. South Carolina -The Gamecocks played Clemson closer than expected, but after yet another frustrating loss their season is mercifully over. Now they need to get the coaching hire right, which may prove more difficult than originally expected.