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We've got 80 days remaining until the 2015-16 season starts; let's countdown the rest of the offseason.

Let's look ahead to the 2015-16 Gamecock Football Team.
Let's look ahead to the 2015-16 Gamecock Football Team.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

June is a weird month for sports fans; an intense concentration of aluminum bats, wooden bats, hoop-sports, tennis balls, golf clubs, fast horses, and soccer fans are followed by a cavernous descent into the unbearable middle of summer. Here at GABA, we seek to provide you a way to cope with this horrible vaccuum of non-sports by providing you with a little something that we call The Final Cockdown.

(It's also a great reason for you to stay away from OHMIGOD IT'S SO HOT OUTSIDE SAVE YOURSELVES)

Over the next couple of months, our staff will put together a biography of each player you will see on and off the field this season. The list kicks off tomorrow, and will come in numerical order according to each player's jersey digits. It's a great way to get to know the Carolina players you'll be cheering for, and it's something to pass the time that doesn't include the typical offseason stupidity. (SEE: HERE and HERE)

The offseason is a silly place, don't go there. Stay tuned to GABA for the countdown, which will run all the way up until our 6 p.m. kickoff in Bank of America Stadium (Sept. 3rd) versus notCAROLINA. So, while the offseason or sun-like temperatures might try to get you down, the staff at GABA will have you covered like the SPF on Jim Habaugh.

Just sit back, relax, grab an ice-cold Coors Original Sprite (ABSOLUTELY NOT SPONSORED) and prepare for a great season of Carolina Football with the Final Cockdown.

Forever To Thee,