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The Final Cockdown: #94, Kelsey Griffin

Day 2 of the Final Cockdown takes a look at junior DT Kelsey Griffin.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Kelsey Griffin
Junior Defensive Tackle
6'2", 311
Buford, GA

4-stars, 6th best DT in 2013 class
Numerous other offers including Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Auburn and Georgia

College Career
Compared to his 2013 freshman campaign, Griffin regressed on the field last season accumulating eight tackles in just six games played. He appeared in nine games his freshman season with some personally memorable showings against North Carolina, where he secured four tackles while helping out on a sack late in the game and against Costal Carolina with five stops.

Coming into USC as a top ten recruit in the country for his position, it's safe to say he hasn't lived up to the hype just yet. But all hope is not lost as he'll continue to get a chance to prove himself up front.

2015 Outlook
Similar to Abu Lamin, Griffin is in a position to provide some immediate improvements on a defensive line still searching for its post-Clowney identity. While he won't be asked to be a star as an every down player, he can certainly provide some depth to a unit that looked more and more worn down as the season progressed. He'll compete for a spot in the rotation with guys like Lamin and Taylor Stallworth. Call it wishful thinking, but look for Griffin to solidify the hype he came in with as a recruit, and make some positive strides in his third year on the field as a reliable rotation player up front for the Gamecocks D.

Kelsey Griffin is one of three defensive lineman from the state of Georgia. Can you name the other two?