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Gamecocks Football Summer Road Trip: Columbia, Missouri

Our virtual road trip takes us to the other Columbia.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks/Missouri Tigers rivalry (we've heard the why-is-one-of-our-rivals-half-a-continent-away argument), has only "really" been around since 2012 (the two teams played each other in 1979, a tie, and in 2005, a Mizzou win). So the sample size isn't that great. But both games since the Tigers joined the SEC have been both edge-of-your-seat exciting (see Shaw, Connor) and just plain frustrating.

The Gamecocks head over to Faurot Field for only the second time in program history hoping that their second trip involves a little less drama and a lot more scoring. Let's power up the old GABA private jet* and make the trip over to the other Columbia.

Named after: The United States' reference in poetry, first used in 1738 by The Gentleman's Magazine. It's also where places like the District of Columbia and Columbia University got their name too.

Distance from our Columbia872 miles, or 12 hours and 54 minutes if you don't stop.

Drive or Fly: You could drive...if you're daring. You'd probably want to fly there to get there faster, though.

Which one came first? Our Columbia did. By over 50 years (our 1786 to their 1826).

Pro teams: Nope.

Famous Columbians: Probably the most famous Columbian in recent years: #19 himself, Carl Edwards; as well as Walmart co-founders Sam and Bud Walton.

Uptown or downtown? Downtown.

Gamecocks' career at Faurot Field: 1-0. Um, we all know what happened the first time the Gamecocks went to Mizzou.

Where to go: We got a couple of responses on Twitter.

*we don't really have a private jet