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2015 SEC Media Days: Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier takes the stage

Here's some snap judgments from Hoover.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks took the stage at 10 a.m. today in Hoover, Alabama. Coach Spurrier, Elliot Fry, Skai Moore, and Pharoh Cooper are the representatives at the annual crazy show that is SEC Media Days. Unquestionably, Coach Spurrier is the biggest draw. Partly because there's really no telling what he'll do:

Here are some tidbits from the morning session with the HBC.

On Retiring:

Following last year's brouhaha over the '2-3 more years' comment, Coach Spurrier seems (at least today) like he's determined to stay in Columbia until he gets it right. After then, maybe the Ball Coach has his sights set on a higher office:

Coach also was asked for the secret that's allowed him to coach for so long, and it set up a quintessential Spurrier dinger:

He also dropped some knowledge:

On last year:

Coach Spurrier claimed that while the bowl win over Miami was, "rejuvenating," to the team, he also stated that there were numerous little moments that could've made last season lots better. The main point was directed at our offense staying on the field a little longer, and sustaining drives to help better control the game clock:

We also got a little classic Spurrier trolling the Vols:

On this year:

Obviously, last year was a disappointment, but with staff changes, personnel changes, and new players in the lineup, the HBC is hopeful about this year:

There were other issues covered, including the Missouri rivalry, the Clowney Program, and there was even a little Talkin' Bout the Noles. All in all, another good day for the King of Media Days.

Stay tuned for a full rundown of the Gamecocks' day in Hoover.