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The Final Cockdown: #43, Garrison Gist

These Rock Hill kids are everywhere!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Garrison Gist

Redshirt Senior
5'10", 252
Rock Hill, SC (South Pointe High School)

No offers; Gist walked on in time for 2013's spring session.

College Career:
The son of a former Citadel safety, football didn't look like the initial plan for Gist, who enrolled in 2011. But as a junior, he decided to give it a shot and ended up playing fullback (a position he hadn't played at since middle school) in two games—Coastal Carolina and the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin. In the official depth chart released before SEC Media Days, he's listed behind redshirt sophomore Rivers Bedenbaugh at the FB position.

2015 Outlook
It remains to be seen if Gist will get a lot of time in the lineup, but the staff may switch him and Bedenbaugh out occasionally. As a senior, he might see a start in the team's Senior Day festivities this year. After college, it looks like Gist will pursue a career in art.

Here's an easy one for you: which former SEC starting quarterback did Gist play alongside in high school? (Hint: his current NFL teammate is a former Gamecock.)