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The Final Cockdown: #39, Demetrius Smalls

The Final Cockdown would like you to meet a redshirt sophomore cornerback from Bluffton, SC.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrius Smalls

RS Sophomore
5' 11" / 172 lbs.
Bluffton, S.C.



Turned down a scholarship offer from Army

College Career

Smalls enrolled at South Carolina in 2013, and was a walk-on defensive back in 2014, joining the team at the beginning of spring football practice.

2015 Outlook

A  talented wide receiver in high school, Demetrius Smalls is projected to provide depth at the corner back position and is unlikely to see a whole lot of playing time this year. Fellow sophomore Rico McWilliams is slated to start and Al Harris and Jamari Smith are currently projected ahead of Smalls on the 2015 depth chart.


Smalls' scholarship offer from Army was apparently for the sprint football team, and not the FBS football program that you are thinking of that gets clobbered by Navy all the dang time. Sprint football is a varsity sport played by a small number of East Coast universities and is just like regular football, except there is a universal weight limit and rules governing the players' body fat percentage. So, in an effort to raise awareness for this sport that I had no idea existed before researching Demetrius Smalls for today's Final Cockdown, what is the maximum number of pounds a player can weigh-in at in order to remain eligible to play in the Collegiate Sprint Football League?