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Gamecocks Football Summer Road Trip: Athens, GA

The road trip rolls into the Classic City, where the Gamecocks will be on September 19.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The GABA-mobile is rolling into the next stop on our summer road trip itinerary: Athens, Georgia. The Gamecocks will be here on September 19 to take on the Georgia Bulldogs, and we know what happened last year when the Dawgs took on the Gamecocks at WBS. Here's hoping for something a little less dramatic. But, as you'll see below, going between the hedges for USC has been...well...not always as good.

This, of course, gives us a chance to remind you that according to Mark Richt's son, David, THIS IS A WINNER'S TOWWWWWN.

The scoop on Athens, Jawja:

Named After: Athens, Greece, which in turn was named after the Greek goddess Athena. Since the University of Georgia was established before the actual city was formed, the area around the university was named "Athens" as a nod to the Greek Athens being a center of learning.

Distance from Columbia: 167 miles, or a little less than three hours, says Google Maps.

Drive or fly? Right down I-20.

Pro teams? Nope.

Famous Athenians: Kim Basinger was born and raised here. R.E.M. was formed at UGA. And two of the members of the B-52s are from here, too!

What is a "Rock Lobster"? Don't know.

Uptown or downtown? Downtown.

Pregame/postgame/other spots? Our friend MaconDawg over at our sister site Dawg Sports had some suggestions for Shakin' The Southland last year, including Little Italy Pizzeria, Pauley's and Boar's Head. There are some other tidbits over there if you want to check out the full link. The Varsity also has a location in Athens, but I have a feeling it's not the same as the big one in Atlanta.

Gamecocks' record at Sanford Stadium? 8-27.

Last time here? Georgia won 41-30.