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Darius English gets high marks, Gerald Dixon recovering, and other Gamecocks practice notes

Plus: You didn't think Spurrier was serious yesterday, did you?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

There weren't a ton of big stories out of the South Carolina Gamecocks' practice today, but one player looks to be moving up and another is on the road to recovery.

On the D

Steve Spurrier gave the defense some high marks today, especially the pass rush and specifically Darius English. English is slotted on the third string behind Marquavius Lewis and Cedrick Cooper, but a few more strong performances could move him past Cooper. Lewis should have a good handle on the starting spot across the way from Gerald Dixon at the other end.

Speaking of Dixon...

Who's hurt, and who's not

Good news for the o-line and d-line, and hopefully not so bad news for one of the team's incoming backfielders. Wilder might be redshirted anyway, but it would be ideal for him to get as much time in on the practice field as possible.

Oh, by the way...

Going to be a veeeery awkward postgame press conference with the AJC when the Gamecocks pay a visit to the Georgia Bulldogs next month.