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Steve Spurrier hints a Gamecocks quarterback could move up on depth chart after tomorrow's scrimmage

20 days till kickoff, and the quarterback picture could be clearing up a little.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the three-week mark (!) before football season. The lead-up continued on the field for the South Carolina Gamecocks - here's some news and notes from the people who were there.

QB moving up?

Probably one of the more interesting tidbits from Friday's post-practice media session was Steve Spurrier's mention of the fact that one of his quarterbacks could be poised to move up on the depth chart after the public scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium tomorrow.

While Connor Mitch seems to be on track to start against the North Carolina Tar Heels in just under three weeks, that would seem to suggest that Lorenzo Nunez is edging out Michael Scarnecchia for the third string slot behind Perry Orth. That's an assumption, but tomorrow's rotation during the scrimmage could give us a small glimpse into the staff's plans (which could change). We haven't seen Nunez play, so we have nothing to judge him on, which =points to the "great unknown" that surrounds the team as far as the QB situation goes.

Injuries and recoveries Mason Zandi continues his recovery after missing spring (hamstring). Gerald Dixon (leg) was out once more.

First COA checks are in

A sign of the changing collegiate landscape: the first cost of attendance payments were distributed today. In case you missed it, the cost of attendance for full scholarship student-athletes is about $4,200. That's $4,200 athletes can spend on books, supplies, food, and basically anything they'd like. Steve Spurrier has been a proponent of the idea for a while.