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Steve Spurrier critical of Gamecocks after Saturday's open scrimmage, but praises defense

Not all went bad for the Gamecocks today, but...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there was a scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium today, and the Head Ball Coach was less than thrilled with what he saw. No comedy routine this time. He wasn't joking.

After the South Carolina Gamecocks took the field this afternoon, Spurrier let the media know that he wasn't happy with his team's performance - at all.

Those comments might strike a little worry in some fans. We're less than three weeks from the season opener against the North Carolina Tar Heels, and if Spurrier's to be believed, we're not really close to seeing a quarterback separate clearly himself from the field. Good news: we're less than three weeks away, which gives this group still some time to pick things up. But it looks like Spurrier's done playing nice either way. And that calendar isn't going backwards anytime soon.

So which QB did the best - at least today?

Although Spurrier said there was no "best QB", the consensus seems to be that among the four QBs, Connor Mitch looked the best after a slow start. Still, everyone has plenty of work to do. Perry Orth was the only QB to throw a touchdown.

D does well

Some more good news: the defense looked good. Then again, they looked good last year in practice before Texas A&M, but today was encouraging. This is a group that has a great deal to prove after last year, and it looks like they are trending upward (at least in practice) under a new defensive coordinator in Jon Hoke.

Injury report

Gerald Dixon, still nursing a knee injury, was the most notable name to sit this scrimmage out. Joseph Charlton, Connor Redmond, Taylor Stallworth, Antoine Wilder and Malik Young joined him on the sidelines.