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Gamecocks Football Summer Road Trip: Knoxville, TN

Oh Knoxville, we didn't forget about you. Although Gamecocks fans probably want to.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There's one final road game that we haven't had a chance to get to during our Gamecocks football summer road trip - don't worry, we didn't forget! -  and that's Knoxville, Tennessee. It's probably a place the Gamecocks would rather not go to given their record there: 2-15. That's two wins, 15 losses. Those two wins have come in Steve Spurrier's tenure: 2005 and 2011. And you thought Hoover was a struggle for the baseball team.

But oh, well. Let's shoot up to Knoxville, where the Gamecocks hope to pick up their first (!) two-game winning streak at Neyland Stadium, capacity 102,455*:

Named after: Henry Knox, the United States Secretary of War a long, long time ago. However, the city itself was around for a while before.

Distance from Columbia: 266 miles. Shoot up I-26, hop on I-40 West near Asheville, and you're pretty much there. About four and a half hours.

Drive or fly: Definitely drive, but stay overnight.

Pro teams: None.

Famous Knoxvillians: There have been a number of people well-known in various circles that are from Knoxville. But the very fact that KENNY CHESNEY was born and raised in the city, the very city that the Gamecocks haven't been able to buy a win in outside of the two they've picked up in the last decade? You just can't make this stuff up.

Uptown or downtown? Downtown.

Gamecocks' career at Neyland Stadium: All but one of the team's games in Knoxville have been at Neyland, where they're 2-14. Their first game in the city was at old (now long-gone) Wait Field, a 26-0 shutout defeat.

Where to go: We asked this question a few weeks back on Facebook and got this response:

"I'd love more Carolina folks to show up at Sam and Andy's in Knoxville. They're huge UT fans. We go there every time we're up there. It's more of a deli but you can get some meals."

*--I looked up the current population of Columbia, and according to a 2014 estimate, it's 133,358. That means that Neyland Stadium can seat 30,903 less than the entire population of Columbia.