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South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback situation: Relax, Steve Spurrier knows what he's doing

Steve Spurrier's played a little quarterback in his day. And he's a pretty good coach, too.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we needed a little bit to process today's South Carolina Gamecocks practice. If you missed the recaps from the other guys, here's a synopsis:

--Steve Spurrier laments the lack of offensive progress

--The team fails to name a starter at quarterback

--Everybody wrings their hands in concern, hoping that a decision will be made soon

That's right - fifteen days before the season, we still don't know who the "guy" will be for sure. However, we got another peek at the process today: two players will be the focus of the race. One (we think) will be Connor Mitch. The other? Well, that remains to be seen. My hunch would be Perry Orth, but from what's come out of practice, Lorenzo Nunez (and I have absolutely no insider knowledge) could be a dark horse for that QB2 slot.

There have been countless numbers of articles written about this, and countless different approaches to this subject, so I wrote this in hopes that I wouldn't repeat what's been mentioned so many times before. But Steve Spurrier has been around the game of football for a very long time. Look, he even won a Heisman, which I'm pretty sure they don't hand out like candy. The guy knows a thing or two about the quarterback position because, well, he played it and was pretty good at it in college. There's also that national championship he has to his name.

So my proposition? Relax.

Yes, I know that there's not really been a clear cut favorite among the bunch that Gamecocks fans can hang their hat on and say "We feel comfortable with (insert name here) as the quarterback of this football team." But the guy knows what he's doing. I'm sure if he knew 100% who would give his team the best chance to win, he would have picked a quarterback by now. And I'm confident that whoever he picks will, in his eyes, set this team up for the most success. Is that Mitch? It certainly looks like it might be right now. If it's Orth, then good grief, he may need to hire a police escort to follow him around town for a while, but he'll at least have made his decision based on who he thought was the best out of the three.

Here's another thing to consider. Spurrier, if he has absolutely nothing else to play for during his time on the sidelines, is coaching to keep his very pride intact. He's 70 years old and heading into the sunset of his career. Do you really think, after a disappointing season, he would want to go out with his legacy tarnished, seen as a man who had reached the pinnacle of the sport but stuck around too long and had the game pass him by? Do you honestly think, with that in mind, he won't have dissected this thing about a thousand different ways before he made a decision that could set the tone for not only this year, but the remainder of his career?

So we wait for the process to play out. Will we know tomorrow? Maybe. Maybe not. But we'll know soon. And whoever it is deserves a chance.

Hey, maybe he'll turn out to be pretty good.