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The Final Cockdown: #9, Sherrod Pittman

We're in single digits, so we must be close to kickoff!

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Sherrod Pittman

6' 0" / 225 lbs
Jacksonville, Fla.


Four-star recruit, ranked the 19th-best player in Florida, and the fifth-best inside linebacker in the country by Rivals. Received scholarship offers from Appalachian State, Auburn, Georgia and LSU, among others. He committed to Carolina in 2013.

College Career

Pittman enrolled at Carolina in January of this year. He did not participate in spring practice, as he was recovering from a broken leg which he suffered his senior year in high school.

2015 Outlook

Pittman is currently listed with the third team in the weak side linebacker position behind Jonathan Walton and Bryson Allen-Williams. He's not likely to see a whole lot of playing time this year, thanks to a strong returning core at his position, but he's in the mix to compete for a first team position in future seasons. In the mean time, would you like to watch Sherrod Pittman light up a bunch of high schoolers?


Pittman attended First Coast High School in Jacksonville, FL. He shares that distinction (and the number 9!) with another freshman on this year's roster. Who's that other guy?