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GABA Q&A: How do you feel about South Carolina's uniforms?

Welcome to GABA Q&A, the feature that asks us to share our experiences as Gamecock fans. We'll give our answers, and we encourage all commenters to share theirs in the comment section. The question won't focus so much on the state of athletics or analysis, but instead allow us to reminisce and tell personal stories about the highs and lows of our fandom.

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Plenty of teams have introduced new or alternate uniforms this offseason, leaving fans to debate whether or not the new look is any good. Aside from a few unfortunate camo alternates over the past few seasons, the Gamecocks tend to stick with the same general look. The team does have black uniforms as an option, but usually wears garnet or white. Do you like our current look or are there changes you'd like to make to the uniforms or helmets? Would you like to see the Gamecocks wear more alternate uniforms without changing the regular uniforms?


People seem to get really riled up about uniforms for whatever reason, but it's the offseason so it's as good a time as any.

My favorite uniforms are when we use all three of our colors.  For instance, I really love these road uniforms because they show off the garnet, black, and white.  We used to wear these on the road (see the bottom right alternates here) and I always prefer the contrast that you get when you have all three colors being used, although I admit this is much easier to do with the road whites than it is at home, where black/garnet or garnet/black top/bottoms tend to fade into one another since both are dark colors.

That said, as long as we stop wearing those camo abominations, I can live with whatever we put on the field.


Uniforms are generally fine. People (*read:some people) tend to overreact about uniforms; I am not one of those people. That being said, your uniforms should never be crappy or sloppy. You should also have, at a maximum, three uniform options at your disposal. Not thirty. I get Under Armour's Wounded Warrior Project push for the camo, and while I appreciate the effort, the grey uniforms were not ideal (I also blame the uniform change for losing the game). The desert camo look w/ black was fine.

However, asymmetrical helmets are not fine. In fact, helmets are one of those ‘no upside, tremendous downside' commodities in football uniform world. Great helmets? sure. A couple of people get all bothered about your whatever-chrome-thing design, but they just don't land from a macro perspective. BUT, a bad helmet design can be a CATASTROPHIC thing, and can earn the ridicule of many a fan and player, but I digress.

I must agree with Hoops in that I enjoy the unis that take into account all three of our colors, but my favorite uniforms have to be the monotone garnet look. We debuted a great iteration in 2010, but a reboot of the 1984 home uniform would be the most fantastic thing ever...


I dig our style. I'm a sucker for a clean simple uniform design and I think we've managed to throw in a lot of great color combinations over the years without looking gimmicky. I'm glad we don't have to suffer through those Adidas abominations that sponsor's are forcing on their teams. Does anyone buy the marketing line that these are #BRAND #EVENTS for #RECRUITING? I mean, I had terrible taste in high school (still do), but I don't see a helmet like Louisville's devil-eyed bird-with-teeth being the determining factor in which school I attend. Maryland fans have enough to be embarrassed about year after year. Do we really need to rub their noses in it by bedazzling their team's kit? Have some mercy, Under Armour.


I don't get very riled up about uniforms, but I do always have an opinion on them and those opinions tend to be somewhat inconsistent. There are often things that I hate on one team that I like on another (see: chrome helmets).

As far as South Carolina is concerned, I like the uniforms that we have now pretty well and don't want any major changes to happen. However, I wouldn't mind occasionally seeing more creative alternates. I like weird uniforms sometimes, although I didn't like any of our camo unis. I especially wouldn't mind occasional alternate helmets, mostly because I really like the matte black helmet look and I think that we could pull it off.