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Steve Spurrier: Gamecocks QBs "even"; Pharoh Cooper out a couple days; Brandon Wilds, David Williams to split carries

And other tidbits from Media Days, including a dig at Arkansas because why not.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was an off day for the South Carolina Gamecocks on the practice field, but it was media day at Williams-Brice Stadium as Steve Spurrier held court with the "media boys" to give his thoughts on the upcoming season. Some of what he said wasn't new, but some interesting tidbits came out of it that might give us a glimpse at how the offense may be run in 2015. Let's have a look at what he said, from the eyes of those who were in the house.

On Pharoh Cooper's health

The Gamecocks ideally don't want to be without their primary offensive weapon for any length of time, and as was hinted at yesterday, Cooper's injury isn't serious. That's obviously good news as he continues to heal up.

On the quarterbacks

I doubt anyone in the room thought that Spurrier would name a starting quarterback today, and from his comments, it looks like we're no closer to finding out who it will be for sure. Not surprisingly, he stuck by his previous comments that he's not afraid to use more than one, which wouldn't be the first time he has done so, but he backtracked a little from yesterday's remarks that Connor Mitch had the edge.

On the running backs

Get ready for #BASHANDDASH. Both did very well in their appearances in 2014, so with the Gamecocks entering this season without a clear cut standout RB like they had with Mike Davis, Spurrier has made the decision to go 1A and 1B, playing to both players' strengths.

On his offensive linemen

And a dig at an SEC foe, because it's Steve Spurrier and he has to.