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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 2

How are things looking in the SEC after a crazy second weekend of the season?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama -Took care of business against their cupcake team, which is more than several SEC programs can say about last weekend.

2. Ole Miss -The Rebels have now outscored their opponents 149-24 this season.

3. Georgia - They beat Vandy to start 1-0 in SEC play and they have Nick Chubb. The Bulldogs are in pretty good shape right now

4. Texas A&M -Also took care of business, but we probably won't really know what kind of team this is for a few more weeks.

5. LSU -Held on through a messy 4th quarter to beat Mississippi State and start 1-0 in conference play.

6. Mississippi State -They were only a missed field goal away from beating LSU and they're one of the few SEC teams with a proven quarterback.

7. Missouri -Nobody was watching, but we all know you had a close call against Arkansas State.

8. Tennessee -Oh the Vols had a solid 4th quarter lead at home and then blew it and lost in overtime? How terrible for them.

9. Kentucky -Got their first conference road win in ages and have a decent shot at making a bowl game this year.

10. Florida -Held on for a close win over ECU, which isn't a reason to panic but isn't particularly impressive either.

11. Auburn -Needed overtime to beat an FCS team, which is never a good look.

12. South Carolina -Please send help.

13. Arkansas -Toledo? Really?

14. Vanderbilt -Sorry Vandy. You're probably stuck here for a while.