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South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs: Steve Spurrier Postgame Press Conference

Spurrier talks about an ugly loss to the Bulldogs

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Spurrier spoke to the media for a few minutes after Carolina's humiliating loss to Georgia on Saturday night.

On how badly the Gamecocks lost:

Hard to imagine we beat these guys four of the last six years isn't it? Hard to imagine. Yeah they totally dominated us tonight, there's no question about it.

They completely clobbered us, they were a lot better than us. We've got to make some changes somewhere, we've got to do something different. So we'll try to do that next week before we play UCF.

Well it wasn't very pretty. Maybe Georgia's that good, we'll find out. We've got a twelve game schedule. Obviously we've got to do some different stuff somewhere.

On Greyson Lambert setting a record for completion percentage:

Record-breaking day for Georgia. Not for us.

On whether this was his last trip to Sanford Stadium:

No, I hope to come back many times.

On the shoving and penalties late in the game:

Well one of our guys gave their guy a shove. We shouldn't be doing that...We've got more problems than that to worry about right now though. But yeah, we don't like it.

On the Gamecock offense:

We were not very good on offense. Couldn't throw the ball very well, couldn't run it very well. So we got clobbered.

Offensively, I'm open to suggestions. We tried to mix up the run. [Nunez] came in there and made some nice runs. Got us a touchdown, got us a touchdown drive. We got both of our touchdowns from quarterback runs.

On the QB situation and who will start next week:

We'll do what we need to do.

On the defense:

Well we need to find some players that can tackle and cover. We gotta do more defensively than we're doing, obviously. So we'll make some changes there.

I'm not gonna get into [whether the issue is talent or scheme]. We need to do some different things scheme-wise. And our players, we've got to put them in a better position. It is what it is right now. We're not very good right now and we'll try to make some changes and be competitive next week.

On what the Gamecocks did well:

But our kicker did well, Elliott Fry kicked both of his field goals. Our punter did well. Sean Kelly is an excellent punter.

On whether this was a bad game or just what the team is right now:

We'll know at the end of the year. We'll know how we play as the year progresses.