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South Carolina's "Fish-Fry" combo gone, but not forgotten

We take a quick look back at Patrick Fish and Elliott Fry, a combo that featured plenty of kicks - and plenty of hair.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

If you look at the South Carolina Gamecocks' holder/kicker combo, you'll notice something might be missing.

Sure, there's Elliott Fry, the junior kicker from Texas that may rank as the best PK in the SEC. But he has a new holder - and it's not Patrick Fish, who held every kick for two years in 2013 and 2014. The "Fish-Fry" combo has made way for Sean Kelly. (Kelly-Fry? Fry-Kelly? Doesn't have the same ring to it.)

Fish actually started out as the team's backup punter when he first came to Columbia. But after not seeing any action in 2011 and just punting twice in 2012, he moved to the holder position in 2013. Thus began the legendary (I guess...) Fish-Fry combo. It featured plenty of successful field goals and extra points over the past couple of years. And plenty of hair. As in, Fish had plenty of it (just look at this bio), and Fry didn't really have much of it. But what Fry lacks in follicles, he makes up for in the psychological department. (I'm not sure how psychology and kicking go together, but I'm sure Elliott has found a way.) Fry's combined line in 2013 and 2014 with Fish part of the kicking unit: 105-106 in extra points (including a perfect 51-51 XPs last year) and 33-43 in field goal tries.

Fish departed in 2014 after his redshirt senior ended, leaving Fry by his lonesome. But not for long: in came Sean Kelly, the transfer from Florida Atlantic. Kelly has done an excellent job in the punting department, and not a bad job in the holding department, either. What's Fish doing right now, by the way? Well, hopefully, he's found his socks.