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South Carolina Gamecocks vs Texas A&M Aggies: Will Muschamp Postgame Press Conference

Muschamp talks about Carolina’s loss to the Aggies

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

On the performance of the team as a whole:

Our guys fought hard, but we’re not in this for a consolation prize, we’re in this to win…We want to win now.

I thought we made a lot of improvements from last week, especially on the offensive side of the ball…I was really proud of our guys’ effort and how they came out and competed in the game.

I’m proud of our guys…We’ve improving, we’re playing blocks better. We don’t have a lot of margin for error right now and it’s frustrating. I’m very frustrated for our players right now.

On the defense:

Defensively I think that third down really hurt us in this game. Not being able to get off in some critical third down situations, we gotta just man those guys up in some situations and play better, play tighter coverage. I was disappointed in that.

On the quarterback situation and who will start:

I’ll have to think that through. Brandon did some good things in the game. There are things that from the naked eye people don’t notice because he creates with his leg in the run game….We just felt like we needed to get the ball more vertical down the field, we were struggling to do that at the time and that’s why we made the change. Not disappointed with Brandon at all. It’s very difficult in the throwing game right now…it’s really hard to develop any consistency for anybody, much less a freshman quarterback and even a fifth-year senior in Perry.

On Deebo Samuel and Bryan Edwards:

As a defensive coordinator…those are two guys you have to account for…it changes how the game is called, it changes a lot of things.

I’m not gonna put a guy out there if it’s gonna risk him further injury and that’s what they felt today, so we just didn’t’ go with them. But they’ll practice and we’ll see how they do.

On the special teams miscues:

We’ve had some critical mistakes the past two weeks…We put two punts on the ground.

I’ve got a lot of confidence in Elliott, so we’ll continue to toss him back out there.

On why he called the fake punt:

Well we needed something explosive to happen. I felt like [Texas A&M] came down and scored the first drive of the second half, they had all the momentum…It’s about momentum and swinging momentum back in your favor.

On what he’s said to the team about frustration and dealing with losses:

What I told them in the locker room is that life’s not fair. You can work really, really hard and you’re not guaranteed of anything. So you can’t get frustrated. You can’t let the negativity seep in your body and your brain. You gotta block it out and understand that you’ve got to continue to work…Right now we’ve got to continue to have belief in what we’re doing and I do.