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South Carolina Gamecocks vs Georgia Bulldogs: Will Muschamp Postgame Press Conference

Muschamp discusses the loss to the Bulldogs

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

On the defense:

Defensively you’ve gotta play a block and you’ve gotta tackle…That’s been an issue here for a long time and that’s something we’re dealing with and we’re trying as best as we can to work through.

On limiting the Georgia passing game:

We got good pressure when they did throw it. They threw it seventeen times and that was probably seventeen too many.

On the run game:

Well that’s what we need to go back and look at because what we’re doing is not working. Can’t continue to do the same thing.

On the quarterbacks and keeping Perry in the game:

Perry obviously is further along throwing the football, Brandon is further along with what we can do in the run game. When you’re not able to run the football you’ve got to be able to throw it some and you’ve got to get in the right looks to get the ball vertically down the field, which we did at times. Not consistently enough, but that’s kinda where we are right now.

We were not running the ball very well…there was nothing in the run game. So we felt like we needed to throw the football, which I thought we were effective at times…We just can’t get out of our own way at times and it’s very frustrating.

On the offense struggling on third down:

We had some manageable downs and distances and we’ve just got to convert. Whether it’s a protection issue or it’s the throw or it’s the route, we’ve got multiple things going on and we’ve got to get some answers, because it’s been an issue, not staying on the field.

On punt returns:

We went to Chris Lammons, but I’m up for anybody. I figured at a Division I program we’d have somebody that can catch a punt.

On whether he expected the team to be further along at this point in the season:

You are what your record is. We’re 2-4. That’s not good enough.

On what the team and staff needs to do:

Offensively, field position, three turnovers, third down. We just gotta get back in the open week and find some things that we can improve on.

We just gotta improve our team right now, we’ve got to get better. I don’t think anybody questions the effort…We’re just not getting the execution right now and it’s disappointing for them not to get the results because they have worked hard, they have put the time in.