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Check out South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp's new $1.85 million new digs and GUYS IT'S ON A PRIVATE ISLAND

Coach Boom is living large here in the Palmetto State.

Video from The State.

Now that Will Muschamp is continuing the settling-in process as he takes on his role as the new South Carolina Gamecocks head football coach, it's time for him and his family to find a place to live. They ended up getting a nice little place - that is, if you consider a $1.85 million house "nice" and "little".

According to The State, the Lake Murray house has "five bedrooms, five full baths and two half baths", and ironically contains what's called a Florida room (also known as a sunroom. Which might be what Muschamp calls it to dispel memories from his time in Gainesville). It's also on a 1.74 acre private island. (Wait, Muschamp lives on a private island?) Here's a few more of the features:

The renovated house was designed to resemble a vintage ocean liner, with an angular glass "prow" of two-story high windows and second story balcony railings reminiscent of a cruise ship...

The kitchen features custom-made Caesar stone countertops. And the master bath boasts a steam shower that is outfitted with music, special lighting and a temperature gauge that beeps when the water has reached an ideal temperature set by the bather....

Seriously, the place is pretty nice, and if you check out the link above, you'll be able to view some more pictures of it. There's also a video above (sorry for ads). We only suggest not conducting a #GROUNDBREAKINGINVESTIGATION to find his address and bothering him if things go wrong next year, because it's a) illegal, b) an invasion of privacy, and c) kind of creepy.