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South Carolina Gamecocks release post-spring depth chart; instant reaction

Here are our quick thoughts on what stands out to us.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks released their post-spring depth chart. While there are a few things that stayed the same, there are a few others that stood out. First, here's the chart:

Some instant reaction:

QB battle down to Orth and McIlwain?

Hmm. We knew Brandon McIlwain would figure into the QB race, but apparently Connor Mitch didn't do enough during the spring to set himself ahead of the injured Perry Orth. It's important to note that this doesn't include Lorenzo Nunez, who was injured earlier in the spring and, like Orth, missed most of the practice sessions. But the fact that Mitch isn't on there either despite being healthy during the spring raises some eyebrows. That could change in fall camp, though.

Edwards impresses; Charleston gets a shot

Bryan Edwards looks to have a beat on a starting job on September 1 against Vanderbilt. The true freshman from Conway, who looked strong during the spring game, is listed along with Jamari Smith and Deebo Samuel at the wideout spot. I'm interested to see how walk-on Javon Charleston does as it appears he may be set up to get some PT as he was one of the players that stood out to me in the spring game.

Wait, Daniel Fennell is listed as a starting DE?

Fennell was a name that we didn't hear a whole lot (read: nothing) about during the last few months. But the redshirt freshman, converted from linebacker, might be one of the bigger surprises on the depth chart. Beating out senior Darius English, who recorded a team-high 4.5 sacks last year, sends a clear message that Will Muschamp isn't afraid to shake things up and reward players who he thinks can have an impact on the team. I'd be interested to see how English responds and if he uses this as motivation to step things up, because right now, it looks like a player that has yet to play a game of collegiate football could be seeing the field more than he does.

Where's Boosie Whitlow?

Whitlow is nowhere to be found on the depth chart. Granted, it's a two-deep, but we'd still expect to see him in some form or fashion given his experience. But it's just spring and things can change.

This can and will change

This is not a final depth chart. Perry Orth may or may not be the starter on day one, Skai Moore isn't on there because he's hurt, etc., so take some parts with a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on the post-spring depth chart?