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Tate Martell's decommitment kicked off a very bad night for Texas A&M (don't tweet/subtweet recruits)

Things are, well, suboptimal over in College Station right now.

Kevin Sumlin current mood: disbelief/anger/utter frustration
Kevin Sumlin current mood: disbelief/anger/utter frustration
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, we'll jump on the bandwagon.

By now, you've heard the story. If not, let's walk you through it. At 11:30 pm ET, Tate Martell* (not to be confused with Tate Martell), trendsetter, member of #Team3Stripe (as opposed to #TeamSwoosh or #TeamIWill)**, and Texas A&M commit, decided, for whatever reason, that he'd prefer to play football elsewhere.

More power to him. It's his decision. Of course, you had the usual tweets from disappointed 40-year-old grown men fans upset that a teenager changed his mind***, but that's to be expected because Twitter.

This had the usual makings of a everyday "big-time recruit decommits" story: recruiting analysts try to figure out where the kid's going, fans of schools who have no shot drop to their knees and pray that the kid ends up there, etc., etc. And it could have been that. HOWEVER, six minutes later, enter Aaron Moorehead, highly disappointed wide receivers coach at Texas A&M and thirty-something year old man****.

aaron, six minutes after Tate Martell decommitted...hmm...just who could he be referring to?

Yeah, OK, coach*****. Still, there would be absolutely no blowback from this, right?

(P.S. Don't be like Gary. Gary is a troll with 13 followers and probably never played a minute of organized sports in his life.******)

Anyway, no blowback, right? Right?

(Lindsey also tweeted that he decommitted, but that tweet was deleted. However, he's gone. The two players are extremely close.)

But wait! There's more! Two other players decommitted thanks to Moorehead.

Now, Texas A&M plays South Carolina at Williams-Brice on October 1. I'm not saying that you should mercilessly troll Aaron Moorehead******* on the sideline, but the guy pretty much opened himself up to it. As for the lesson to take from this whole episode, do we even need to tell you? Learn something from Mr. Moorehead********.

*--He did want to see/be offered by South Carolina. There is hope, Gamecocks Nation! **--Adidas, Nike and Under Armour, respectively. ***--Never tweet recruits, especially after they decommit from your favorite program. ****--He graduated college in 2002, so, maybe, 35 or 36ish? *****--When someone says something like "I wasn't talking about who you think I was talking about", he's talking about who you think he's talking about. ******--The 13 followers is confirmed. The fact about organized sports is not. Point being, never tweet recruits. *******--We do have to give Moorehead credit for not slipping up and committing an NCAA violation by calling Martell out by name. ********--Never tweet recruits.