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Did Will Muschamp send a message by leaving Perry Orth off of SEC Media Days roster? Let’s speculate!

Because it’s offseason and all.

Clemson v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

One of the interesting things we noted from the SEC Media Days roster, which was released today, was the fact that there were only three quarterbacks among the players slated to attend: Ole Miss’s Chad Kelly, Texas A&M’s Trevor Knight and Tennessee’s Joshua Dobbs.

Defensive lineman Marquavius Lewis, wideout Deebo Samuel and offensive lineman Mason Zandi got the call for South Carolina. Not on the list: redshirt senior South Carolina QB Perry Orth.

It probably means absolutely nothing. Then again, could it mean something? (!!!)

Will Muschamp’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to find a quarterback that will set the team up for success, regardless of experience. He’s stated that Orth and freshman Brandon McIlwain are in front of the pack right now. Orth, for his part, was decent, but far from great last year under center - having said that, it seems a little curious to not see your veteran QB make the trip over to Hoover. That obviously means Brandon McIlwain’s starting!*

Or, perhaps Muschamp’s playing it close to the vest and wants to avoid fans making any assumptions about who will start at quarterback on September 1. (Oops) Still, as a returnee, and a redshirt senior at that, Orth would still be a strong representative - and that wouldn’t necessarily mean that he would get the gig. (Granted, a quarterback didn’t go last year, either.)

Again, Perry Orth being left out probably means absolutely nothing. Then again, it could speak volumes about where Muschamp thinks he is right now in the quarterback race as it stands right now. Let the #fun #offseason #speculation begin!

*--we seriously don't know...this statement is satirical in nature.