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Tennessee WR Tyler Byrd calls out South Carolina CB Rashad Fenton, forgets he has just two catches for twenty-one yards all season


NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Meet Tennessee wide receiver Tyler Byrd. Byrd currently has two receptions for 21 yards. No, that’s not for a game - that’s for the entire season.

On Thursday, Byrd tweeted this out:

“Fenton Island”, of course, is referring to South Carolina cornerback Rashad Fenton, who has had an excellent season against his opponent’s top receiver thus far this year.

That’s not bad. Also, as our friend Brad noted today, if this had been, say, Marquez Callaway, it’d probably make more of a splash. But this is a player that has only caught two balls all season and probably won’t be lined up with Fenton anyway.

We’re storing that tweet for later just in case, by the way.