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South Carolina vs Wofford: GABA Staff Predictions

We’re all taking the Gamecocks in this one

Florida v South Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Gamecocks improved to 7-3 last weekend with a win over Florida and we’ve made our predictions on how they’ll do against Wofford this week.

DC3: This game is a little weird for me on so many levels. This isn’t just a triple-option team, it’s a conference champion, top-10 FCS, triple-option team. The Terriers average over 260 yards rushing per game, while still maintaining a passing attack that averages just under 10 yards per attempt. They will be swinging for the fences the only way they know how: play their game. What’s their game? Wear you out with positive yardage on every play and big play control. Brandon Goodson and Andre Stoddard are the threats. Contain the edge, and blitz, blitz often. Carolina must score on their first possession or this game will drag into the Columbia night. The key will be Jake Bentley’s ability to throw short and middle passes. USC might have trouble running the football. Gamecocks win 28-17.

Thomas: Wofford has a sound football team. I seriously doubt this game will be very easy by any means, but I do believe we are just too good. I say this because I believe the talent difference between our offensive line and their defensive line and vice versa will play a huge role. Our defense should literally eat them alive, regardless of the triple option. Skai Moore has seen it a few times in his career, and Sherrod Green saw it 6 times last year in high school according to Coach Muschamp. You seriously think anyone of Wofford’s O-Line will be able to block Javon Kinlaw, Dante Sawyer, DJ Wonnum, and Taylor Stallworth come the third quarter? The answer is obviously no. If they take this game seriously, like they should, we should be up by twenty going into the fourth. Doubt that’s going to happen considering how it seems that we always play to the level of competition, but Cocks by 90. Carolina wins 35-10.

Katie: Here I am, back again with my prediction of the Gamecocks winning. It would be great if USC could score early and often, but based on how stagnant the offense has been at points this season, I have doubts about that happening. These late-season non-con games also always seem to be more of a challenge than they should be, but I think South Carolina is good enough that they’ll be able to come away from this one with a victory.

Demetri: Yes, it should be an easy Gamecock win...scratch that. It should be a Gamecock win. The triple option has a way of making up ground between teams with significantly different skill levels. This should be another chance to keep building on the good work Carolina’s running game has been doing of late and continue the Hayden Hurst show. What I am interested to see is how quickly the linebackers read the option and how successful the d-line is at eliminating gaps and closing down running lanes. I like Carolina in this one, but I expect Wofford will put up some points early as the defense is getting its rhythm. Carolina 34-21.

Kody: I’m going with the Gamecocks here, but I’m not loving this opponent and won’t exactly be looking forward to the triple option viewing experience. South Carolina needs to play solid, fundamental football on defense, and exploit personnel advantages whenever possible on offense. Wofford will hog the ball and limit possessions, so this won’t turn into a blowout, but I think the Gamecocks can hit enough big plays for a relatively comfortable 21-7 win.

Kaci: I expect this game to be more stressful than Gamecock fans would like, for the reasons that everyone else, DC3 in particular, have mentioned. It feels like these games are never comfortable wins, but I do think it’ll be a victory for South Carolina. I predict that Wofford will hang around long enough to make us nervous and then the Gamecocks will pull away late in the game, so I’ll go with a final score of something like 31-17.