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South Carolina’s NCAA 18 roster ratings aren’t right, so we fixed them

If you’re still playing NCAA 13 with updated rosters, you may not like the ones you use online

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest conflicts I have as a football fan is the NCAA Football video game series. Hell, it might be one of the biggest conflicts I have as a human being.

I’m a big proponent of college football players being compensated beyond their scholarship with TV money and jersey sales, however my adolescent summers revolved around the release of the new game and playing it with my friends for hours on end. When the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit knocked the game out of production, I was torn between my principles and my love of video games.

Every July I still am a little saddened when I roll across Twitter and see the generic “on this day, four years ago NCAA 14 was released” tweet from some fan account. I know a new version is never coming back soon, so I’m resigned to play my old copy of NCAA 14 with updated rosters.

Finding updated online rosters to download isn’t hard nowadays, but the accuracy of these rosters can be sketchy at best. Not all of the online is so keen about the makeup of the South Carolina Gamecocks roster, specifically the one’s provided by Operation Sports. OS is a huge database for many sports video games and it’s were a lot of fellow gamers I know go to get their updated rosters.

I’m not going to deep dive into what specifically is wrong about the roster, but know Jake Bentley is a 78 overall in their rosters. A 78? Simply unacceptable.

So here at Garnet and Black Attack we’ve made up our own list for a complete roster for the Gamecocks which should satisfy all South Carolina fans. Granted, you’ll have to plug in the data yourself. But think it will be better than having to think of them on your own.

Do like our ratings? If not, head to the comments below and get in a huge fight about it.