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South Carolina vs Kentucky: GABA Staff Predictions

We’re all optimists this week

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks won their SEC opener last week to improve to 2-0 and we got together to bring you our predictions for the home opener against Kentucky.

Thomas: This is going to be the first game I attend as a student. I know Williams-Brice is going to rocking, probably the most it’s been since Georgia a few years back. The atmosphere is going to be insanely crazy. This being said, I know how much crowd noise means when it comes to the actual game. Kentucky hasn’t had an SEC Road game this year, so I’m thinking Stephen Johnson is going to crap his pants. He hasn’t ever played there, so there is no way he is going to be able to handle it. I think TJ Brunson and Skai Moore are going to limit Benny Nell, so Johnson is forced to pass. Also, Kentucky’s defense isn’t great. They gave up 35+ multiple times last year, and it’s bound to happen this year. Jake Bentley is due for a big game. I expect the Cocks to give them an old fashioned tail cutting. Final Score: 41-13 COCKS!

Demetri: We all think this is the year, right? And because we all think this is the year, we should be nervous. Count me amongst the naysayers that don’t buy the idea that Stoops is “building something” and that Kentucky is going to have a “special season.”

I like Benny Snell a lot. I was just telling a friend this week that I cannot tell you what it is that is special about him other than he just doesn’t seem to like getting tackled, but one Benny Snell clearly isn’t enough. Kentucky struggled with Southern Miss. They sleepwalked through Eastern Kentucky last week. I don’t know that they have been tested in a significant way that has them prepared for SEC play.

The Gamecocks, on the other hand, are coming off back-to-back impressive wins (beating NC State despite being outplayed, and taking ultimate advantage of every Mizzou miscue). All of the momentum is on the Gamecocks’ side. I don’t know that Kentucky has an answer for Deebo. I think Jamyest Williams has proven that he is a star in the making and may have an even better day than he did last week against a significantly inferior quarterback.

Before the season began, I said the one thing I want from this season is one Carolina blowout. How sweet would it be if it comes in a game that stops this ridiculous losing streak? I don’t think this one will meet my definition of a blowout (at least 4 score difference) but I do think Carolina will have it well in hand. Cocks 30 Cats 10.

Kody: I’m hesitant to make a prediction here because this game makes me uneasy these days, but unfortunately, I have to. On paper, the Gamecocks look like a good bet -- they’ve got two solid wins over Power 5 competition, it’s their home opener and a night game, the crowd will be rowdy because of a blackout, etc. But South Carolina has arguably won this game on paper for the past three years and yet has taken a loss on the field every time. I’d love to say USC storms out there and puts on a repeat performance of the 54-3 beatdown in 2011, but I don’t see that happening. I do, however, see a South Carolina win. Let’s go with 34-17 -- a comfortable margin, but a game that probably still has some drama like the win over Mizzou.

Matt: I cannot wait to be at Williams Brice on Saturday. I'm feeling an electric atmosphere as the Gamecocks play their first home game. Kentucky is no slouch, I see a hard hitting, close game till the end. 31-24 Gamecocks. Too much home field advantage for the Wildcats to overcome.

Katie: I’m back again to predict that the Gamecocks will win because I want them to. Why change what’s worked the past two weeks? Also I’m tired of losing to Kentucky and I think/hope the home crowd will help end the losing streak. Score prediction: 31-21 South Carolina.

Kaci: Like Katie, I’m tired of seeing the Gamecocks lose to Kentucky and I refuse to predict that a class of football players is going to graduate without ever beating the Wildcats. A rowdy crowd and a confident Carolina team can combine to overcome Kentucky, and I’ll go with a score of 35-17.

Sydney: I picked the Gamecocks to lose both of their games thus far and have been wrong both times. This time? I have to pick South Carolina. 31-21, like Katie said. This has to be the year the Gamecocks beat the Wildcats, right?