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Deebo Samuel fractures leg, out five to six weeks

It was originally thought to be a break, but it looks like the news isn’t as bad as once thought.

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

South Carolina WR Deebo Samuel has fractured his leg and is out for five to six weeks, he tweeted after Saturday’s loss to Kentucky.

His mother, Precious Martin, also tweeted the news.

Head coach Will Muschamp first stated in his postgame press conference that the leg was broken and that the junior WR would not return. However, after further examination, it looks like Samuel will indeed be back this year.

Samuel suffered the injury in the second half and had to leave the game temporarily. He returned for a single drive but left again, this time for good. He was shown on the SEC Network in serious pain on the sideline before being taken to the locker room.

The loss of Samuel - even for a few weeks - is a big blow for an offense that sputtered against Kentucky in a loss on Saturday night. He returned a pair of touchdowns - one in each game - in the first two contests of the season. He started tonight’s game with a 68-yard touchdown catch to put the Gamecocks up 6-0. It stood as the Gamecocks’ only score for a while until a late TD grab by OrTre Smith cut it to 20-13. Samuel has fought injury throughout his career, appearing in five games as a freshman due to a hamstring injury and sitting out three games last year for the same reason.