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Ten Seasons of Spurrier: An Introduction

Steve Spurrier has helmed the South Carolina Gamecocks football program for ten seasons. And there's been no shortage of memorable moments along the way.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

November 22, 2004.

The legendary Lou Holtz, fresh off one of the most embarrassing incidents in South Carolina Gamecocks history, would step up to the podium for the final time in his coaching career. Days prior, he had announced that he would retire from the sidelines--the second time he had done so--setting off a search for the program's next leader.

It didn't take long. The next day, former Florida Gators and Washington Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier would be introduced as Holtz' successor.

And what a ride it's been.

That got us thinking: what have been the key moments in Spurrier's tenure thus far? His biggest wins? His most crushing losses? His most memorable quotes? (And there's a long list of those to go through.) Beginning Thursday and running through the following thirteen weeks all the way up to September 3, we'll present a brand new top ten list of a certain aspect of the Spurrier era. We'll be taking your suggestions on social media and in the comments section here on the site.

Rest assured, it might get a little controversial. But it will be fun. We promise.

The first part of the series is on Thursday and will be on the ten best wins in the Spurrier era. You can head to our Facebook page, tweet us @GABAttack using the hashtag #TenSeasonsOfSpurrier, or comment here on this post. We'll gather the top suggestions and come out with our list later in the week.