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Ten Seasons of Spurrier: Top 10 Pictures, Videos of Steve Spurrier At South Carolina

You should read this while shirtless.

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As creative and innovative as Steve Spurrier has been during all of his years in college football, he's been equally silly and entertaining. The Head Ball Coach's wit gained national recognition during his time at Florida but in the 10 seasons he's been in Columbia, Spurrier has provided us with some all-time moments in garnet and black.

This week we attempt to rank the ten best videos and pictures featuring Steve Spurrier. There are plenty of honorable mentions worthy of inclusion, but we have a ceiling of ten spots (although I did include more then 10). Feel free to comment any you feel worthy of mention.

10. Sprite. Spurrier.

The teacup and the Kermit the Frog picture, meme, etc. has become increasingly popular over the last couple years.

Welcome to the college football version.

9. You done messed up!

We tried to keep each one of these positive but this moment was too cringeworthy and famous to keep out. Spurrier's arch-nemesis for most of his time in Columbia has been columnist Ron Morris of The State. After several upsetting pieces by Morris, Spurrier finally decided to address it before a press conference one afternoon.

8. #getdawerdout

The summer of 2013 was a hectic one for the Gamecocks. Star pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney and others missed several practices for a variety of reasons leading up to the season's opener. In this historic vine, Spurrier wanted the world to know one thing: Clowney comin'.

7. The many faces of Steve Spurrier

As I mentioned before, the man is as ridiculously entertaining as he is innovative on the football field. Intentionally or not, the Head Ball Coach as provided us with some of the greatest facial expressions in all of sports. Here are some samples.

6. State titles > Everything else

There are several different Clemson jabs to chose from. This one may be the best because no one saw it coming. Just seconds after winning the Capital One Bowl and being handed the trophy for beating Wisconsin, Spurrier takes the mic to celebrate a victory that, 1) had nothing to do with the bowl game, and 2) was a win that had occurred over a month ago.

5. "You kiddin?"

This moment has already been referenced in the "Faces" section but the video of the conversation is just as good as the picture. Spurrier and South Carolina edged a superior Georgia team this past season thanks to a crucial fourth down conversion late in the ball game. ESPN's Michele Steele had the audacity to question Spurrier.

4. Spurrier's alone time

Someone once caught Spurrier during a workout. It since has turned into a video that despisers of the Gamecocks and Spurrier use to make fun of the coach. We should be proud of it, the man is putting in work.

3. Suns out, guns out

I like to think he started the shirtless coaches trend. Like the faces of Spurrier, there is basically a catalog of pictures of Spurrier's guns on the internet.

2. Footwork Drills

Dang last season was bad. I wish I could just...

Steve Spurrier and Taylor Swift live by a similar mantra (by @JeffTynerGC) #ShakeItOff #Gamecocks

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1. The G.O.A.T.

Yeah my coach swagg @shamier_jeffery @gdixonjr92 @keezykey10 @bigdix44

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Thank God for this man.