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Previewing Clemson at South Carolina: Q & A with Block C

Earlier today, it was SB Nation blog Shakin' the Southland. Now, post turkey and biere de garde, it's Block C. Sleeping with the enemy is a rough game, but I hope you enjoy the payoff below.

BTW, I give the Block C crew a special shoutout for their relatively hospitable reception this week when I went on their site to stand up for Carolina. A truly fine group of folks. I hate to say.

1. Tell us a little bit about what this rivalry means to Clemson fans these days. You've enjoyed an extended run of success against the Gamecocks; do you still get up for this game?

I won't lie to you, it has been nice to have a win over you guys at the end of the year to serve as the band aid from  slightly better than mediocre seasons these past few years. It's also fun to watch the Gamecock slide in November. It's about as punctual as a train schedule. I think it's a almost expected now a days. The worst part about losing now is that when you guys do get the win, the bragging and shit talking are so much worse because the dry spell has been broken. It's still very, very important to us and it's still the most important game on the schedule to me.
2. In your opinion, does C. J. Spiller deserve the Heisman? Why or why not?

He really does deserve it. And I'm saying this without my orange tinted shades. He's got comparable/better numbers than Reggie Bush did. If you've ever seen him play in a big game, you know why. He has actually won a few games for Clemson in his career all by himself. He might be the most dangerous and game changing player in college football this year. Before the Virginia game, CJ Spiller was scoring once in every 13.3 touches. The next closest among Heisman candidates was Ingram/Tebow at 16.8 touches. He's got a few insane stats, sure, but he really is a once in a lifetime type of player that I'll be telling my kids about when they were putting his name up in the ring of honor in Death Valley.
3. Dabo Swinney has already managed to do something Tommy Bowden failed to do despite several fine opportunities: make it the ACC Title Game. What is Swinney doing right that Bowden was doing wrong? Or did the stars just line up for Clemson this year?

Well, CJ sticking around made a huge difference in his success. He also overcame several old Bowden bumps in the road this season. If Bowden had been coaching the first game with Georgia Tech, we would have never come back. It would have been a huge blow out. Bowden wouldn't have rattled off a 6 game winning streak after the Maryland loss. Bowden would have kept the same system in place and we'd be having receivers dying out on bubble screens still. Dabo is a motivator. He's a small town, southern guy who went to Alabama so he get's how important this team is to the folks in South Carolina. He is a Clemson guy, something Bowden never was.

4. If you could have any Gamecock on your roster, who would you pick?

Most definitely Alshon Jeffries. (Edit, correct this spelling if its wrong please.) He's a big and physical guy that can make some pretty amazing catches. Most importantly, he's a young guy with some years ahead. It’d be nice to have some young talent that compliments the offense. We’ve got a lot of people heading out at the end of this year.
5. Tell us about the confidence level of the Tigers fanbase going into this game. Afraid, slightly worried, hesitantly confident, or sure you'll hand us a beat down? You can give a personal prediction, if you like.

A lot of folks that I've talked to see super nervous about this game. The general feeling around our fan base is that this game is all you guys have left to play for and that makes you very dangerous. Personally, I feel pretty darned confident and I'll explain to you my thinking. Not to talk down to you, but it was the same schtick towards the end of Holtz's era. History is repeating itself. You guys keep stumbling into this game with only five or six wins under your belt and everyone always says that it makes you guys a hungry and dangerous team. The same outcome always perseveres with Clemson beating Carolina like a bunch of dogs. Of course, last time I felt this confident, You guys beat us in the Valley.

Thanks to Block C for their gracious tete-a-tete with GABA.