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Apparently Spurrier is Leaving South Carolina at the End of 2009. Sigh.

Jay Coulter of the the fine SB Nation Auburn blog Track Em Tigers has an interesting column up about which SEC coaches will still be around at their present jobs in five years. While Coulter makes some good points, when discussing Steve Spurrier Coulter reverts to the old cliche that Spurrier will be gone soon. Now, I certainly won't argue about Spurrier not being here in five years. I doubt he will be. However, Coulter goes so far as to remind us that

Many believe 2009 will be his last on the sidelines.

Coulter apparently finds this position credible. However, while he's right that many people do believe this, those people are all ignoring things that Spurrier has said many times, specifically that he's in this for the long haul. How long that will be is anyone's guess, but I think Spurrier has made it abundantly clear that he's going to be here for a few more years.