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Devan Downey and Dominiqe Archie Still in Draft

Seth Emerson reports that Devan Downey and Dominique Archie have yet to pull out of the draft. This comes despite the fact that other, better prospects like Mississippi State's Jarvis Varnado have already pulled. Emerson also reports that Archie has a couple of workouts coming up. (It would be interesting to know which player the NBA sees as a better prospect; Downey is the more talented and better known, but Archie is more like what they're looking for in terms of physically looking like an NBA player of his position.)

At this point, you have to kind of wonder why the guys are sticking in the draft. Although Archie is getting workouts, you'd have to imagine that both have basically been told that they're probably not going to be drafted. Archie has said from the beginning that he's just doing this to test the waters and plans on returning, so I would still expect him to pull lout soon unless some team really displays a lot of interest in him. Downey is a little iffier; there have been reports that he may play in Europe if the NBA doesn't draft him, so I'm wondering if he'll stay in the draft, hope to get lucky, and head overseas if he gets the chance. Should be interesting to wait and see over the next few weeks.

Also, the series with UGA begins tonight. Big stuff.