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Wednesday News and Notes: Bowden on Spurrier, Succop the Starter for KC, and UNC-USC Likely Off for 2010

Bobby Bowden had some interesting things to say about Steve Spurrier in a recent interview. Bowden's main point? Spurrier just needs to find his quarterback. On the one hand, Bowden is undoubtedly right; Blake Mitchell and Chris Smelley have hardly been on a par with Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerfull, and the results have been predictable. On the other hand, though, it would be fair to say that the offensive problems have been more pervasive than simply lacking a good quarterback. Getting good running backs and an effective line are certainly part of the problem. Still, it's interesting to see what Spurrier's old nemesis has to say about him, even if it's a bit bizarre to read Bowden, who has done less with more relative to Spurrier, talk about why Spurrier can't get it done anymore.

Now that their former FG kicker has been waived, the Kansas City Chiefs appear to have  chosen Ryan Succop to be their man in 2009. Apparently he's not so irrelevant after all.

The home leg of the UNC-USC series that started in 2007 and was supposed to come back around in 2010 appears to be off for the time being. Now that they're apparently going to take on LSU in the Georgia Dome to open 2010, the Tar Heels are wary of keeping us on their schedule. This has me wondering why we couldn't get something together with the city of Atlanta to play in one of these season kickoffs against the Heels. My guess is that the people organizing the series are looking for high-profile SEC teams like LSU and 'Bama. At any rate, you have to wonder how Heels fans feel about this. They're now looking down the barrel of a likely beatdown when many of them might have preferred an opportunity to get a little revenge against us.