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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Four


1. Alabama

I really don't see how you can say this isn't the conference's best team anymore. They totally dismantled what was supposed to be a pretty good Arkansas offense today.

2. Florida

The Gators took care of business against a hapless Kentucky team today. The question now is, can they survive long without Tim Tebow if the concussion is serious?

3. LSU

I suspect this team will go the way of Ole Miss as soon as they take on some real competition. For now, though, they're undefeated.

4. Georgia

Does any receiver in the country mean more to his team than A. J. Green?

5. South Carolina

The Gamecocks aren't great, but they're steady: the offense is efficient, and the defense does the rest. If the offense can take it to the next level, they could make a run at one of the better seasons in school history.

6. Auburn

This team continues to impress with its prolific offense. They need a signature victory to move up, though.

7. Ole Miss

The Rebels will hope to take out their frustration on Vandy this week. I expect they'll regroup and have a decent year, but the talk of an SEC title was obviously premature.

8. Mississippi State

They really should have beaten LSU. This team might have a future under Dan Mullen, although it might take a while to get there.

9. Tennessee

The Vols struggled against hapless Ohio this week, conjuring up the specter of Wyomings past. This team may have a rough road ahead of it.

10. Arkansas

The Hogs have no defense, and 'Bama showed that you can stop their offense.

11. Kentucky

Turned in a truly pathetic performance against the Gators. I know we all expected a Florida win, but the 'Cats literally laid down and let the Gators walk all over them. It was over after the first quarter.

12. Vanderbilt

I think they're in trouble this week against angry Ole Miss.