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Monday News and Notes: Eric Norwood Wins Defensive Player of the Week; News from Tigerland

Norwood had 10 tackles, two sacks and a partially blocked punt in an upset of Mississippi.

A well-deserved award for Norwood.

Willy Korn wants to play, said he was "guaranteed" by coach Dabo Swinney that he would, but there’s no truth to the rumors that he has decided to transfer after this season. However, Korn left open the possibility that after the season things could change. "I’m going to be here the entire season," he said. "Everyone at the end of the season kind of looks at their situations, sees how the season went and how their career’s been going. Everybody takes a look at it, but it’s nothing that I can forecast this early in the season.

Actually, I'm not really sure I'd call this "trouble" for anyone but Korn and perhaps the Tigers' emergency depth. Kyle Parker appears to be the better quarterback, so losing Korn would be a lot like what losing Chris Smelley was like for us. Only Smelley at least had the pleasure of winning a few big games during his time here.