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THE DAILY FEED 4.14.11 // Link Dump

Comments courtesy of The Feathered Warrior.

Offensive Woes A One-Game Affair? -

"I've been concerned about our offense for a long time, it didn't just start tonight," coach Ray Tanner said. "We haven't scored a lot of runs the entire year. We've been very fortunate because of our pitching staff and good defense, but we just haven't been an offensive juggernaut." and "As Tanner is fond of saying, it's baseball. It happens."

That about says it all.

Gamecocks add Liberty to 2011 baseball schedule | WIS News 10

Ray Tanner added added a non-conference baseball game with Liberty on Tuesday, April 26 at 1 p.m. at Carolina Stadium. This will pit the Gamecocks against their former hitting coach, Jim Toman. Somebody get that man a sandwich!

NCAA baseball: South Carolina Gamecocks earn No. 1 seed in bracketology - ESPN

Of course, this is before the loss to the Citadel.

2011 Spring Football Game - Photo Page

Quoth Ace Sanders via Twitter: "LOL I COULD TASTE THE ENDZONE......SERIOUSLY."

2011 Georgia Football Schedule: SEC Opener Vs. Gamecocks Will Be Bigger Than Ever - SB Nation Atlanta

An early preview of USC's SEC opener by the folks at SB Nation Atlanta.

What's this Black & White Box on My Football Poster? More on QR Codes - Spurs Up

"This year's football poster has gone high-tech. For those of you who picked up a 2011 Football poster at the Garnet & Black Spring Game on Saturday, you probably noticed the black and white box in the lower left hand corner. It's called a "QR Code" and it's a type of bar code."

South Carolina Beer Distributors Team Up With Gamecocks Baseball Coach to Encourage Responsible Drinking | America's Beer Distributors

Beer + Gamecocks Baseball = Gooooood.