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South Carolina Gamecocks Post-Spring Depth Chart Relieased: Quick Thoughts

The football program released its post-spring depth chart earlier this afternoon. There were few huge surprises, but one thing really stood out: the roster lists Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw as co-starters. If you still had any questions regarding whether or not Garcia will be back on the field this fall, here is your answer, what I would take to be a fairly unequivocal vote of confidence in Garcia from the coaching staff. We'll perhaps never know whether that vote of confidence means that the coaches feel that Garcia deserves another chance or that the coaching staff feels it can't win with Shaw as the starter, but the fact is that we should expect to see Garcia again.

There are a few other points to note from the new depth chart:

  • DeAngelo Smith has moved ahead of Lamar Scruggs on the depth chart. D.L. Moore still has his starting spot, but if spring was any indication, Smith will be aiming for Moore's spot next.
  • Dalton Wilson is listed as the starting fullback. I didn't get much of  a feel for him during the spring, and I'm unsure whether or not he's going to see a lot of playing time. It wouldn't surprise me if we see a lot of formations that don't use a fullback or if we use starting TE Justice Cunningham in an h-back role in some formations. I'm assuming the coaches are planning on primarily using Wilson in the I-formation, though.
  • D.J. Swearinger, Ace Sanders, and Kenny Miles are listed as kick returners. No more Bryce Sherman? Sorry, little fella, but I can't say I'm disappointed. Stephon Gilmore is back at punt returner over Sanders, which is fine by me as long as the coaches feel this won't affect Gilmore's play on defense.
  • The starting lineup at safety and spur is a little bit of a surprise, which may foretell future shuffling. Jimmy Legree is listed as the starter at free safety, D.J. Swearinger at strong safety, and Antonio Allen and DeVonte Holloman are listed as co-starters at spur. I was expecting Swearinger at FS, Holloman at SS, and Allen at spur, with Holloman expected to play spur at times and Legree expected to rotate onto the field more often. Whatever the case ends up being, it appears that the coaching staff is sold on the idea that Legree is ready for a more prominent role, which is a good thing, as we desperately need increased depth at safety.
  • Aldrick Fordham is listed as a starter at DT. It will be interesting to see how long he holds onto that spot with Kelcy Quarles and Phillip Dukes at his heels.