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The Daily Feed: April 25, 2012

<em>My name is Reptar: "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" </em>
My name is Reptar: "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Spurs Up Blog: Fear the Fish! Could you imagine something like this in any other sport but baseball? (Well, not including that sport; plus Paul the Octopus never went anywhere, while Reptar is now entrenched on the travel squad). Let's hope the little guy gets a trip to the banks of the Missouri River in June.

Mr. SEC: Spurrier Still Pushing New Division Champ Plan; Richt Scoffs. And that surprises you - how? Cui bono cuts both ways - so if Spurrier is advancing his own interests in pushing the division-wins-only scenario, then is CMR advancing his own interests in rejecting it? You decide. (Yours truly left a comment). At the ESPN SEC Blog, Chris Low has this to say about the HBC's proposal - Spurrier still pushing SEC title game idea. Here is how they frame the debate over at Saturday Down South - Should Division Champ Be Determined By Divisional Record Only?

Gamecock Anthem: Spurrier on Dan Patrick. A good interview - classic Spurrier and classic Patrick. And, praise the Lord, no Dan-ettes! Dan gets him talking about Nick Saban, and the HBC has this to say:

When he wins [a National Championship], he's not doing anything for the first time - he's doing what they've done there; certainly it's a tremendous accomplishment. But I just sort of think its neat when a coach goes somewhere that they haven't achieved too much and he's able to build that program up near the top - that's sort of what I like trying to do. We're not at the top yet, but we've made a little progress down here. But he's certainly maybe the best coach - probably - in the conference, I mean he's a tremendous coach. But if he could win, you know, at a place like Ole Miss or somewhere like that, then he'd really be something.

It certainly says a lot about what's motivating Spurrier, doesn't it? It would be wrong to take it as a knock on Saban as much as a window on Spurrier's pysche - that he wants to be remembered as a coach who was so great that he won where no one had ever been able to win before - and where no one thought anyone could win. In other words, what's he doing at South Carolina trumps what someone else is doing at a traditional power. In any event, while the HBC has a good chance this season to eclipse Rex Enright as our winingest coach ever, whether he can really pull the rabbit out of the hat (in terms of conference championships or BCS games, etc.) is a trick that remains to be seen. Still, it's going to be a lot of fun to be around for the ride while it lasts.

The Link-a-geddon continues after The Jump! Don't be afraid to leave a comment, either.

AJC Recruiting: Chris Moody shares his recruiting experiences with the AJC. A pretty neat interview; a pretty neat (and genuine) kid, too. James Franklin still owes him an apology for the whole "men of honor" slur - not that I consider Franklin to be an authoritative source on what constitutes honorable conduct. Or that he will apologize, for that matter.

Sportstalkgolive: Phil Kornblut writes that USC remains a major factor as Mitch works on list. It seems like the staff is going to do whatever it takes to get a 4 star QB prospect to Carolina in 2013, since they're recruiting multiple guys hard (whereas for the last few years, they'd really focus on just one). Phil also includes a recruiting update on Cincinnati point guard Willie Moore. Over at Palmetto Recruiting, Phil also posts a recruiting note on 6'8" hoops prospect Tevin Glass of Atlanta - Glass has one visit set up. Is it me, or does it seem like we're going for six? Where does that leave Horn's only 2012 recruit - Ty Haughton?

Aiken Standard: Frank Martin: 'I didn't run away from Kansas St.' by A.P. sportswriter Pete Iacobelli.

Shutdown Corner: The Shutdown 50 — #11: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina - from Monday. Plus, over at NFL Trade Rumors we learn that the Buffalo Bills are extremely interested in Gilmore along with Alabama's Mark Barron.

AFC South Blog: RTC: Examining Melvin Ingram.

National Football Post: Prospect Focus: South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery -

Off his workout he is a 1st round talent. On tape he is a second round player.

O'burg Times & Democrat: Alshon Jeffery eager to begin life as an NFL player.

Bleacher Report: BR Editor Micheal Shottey says that Antonio Allen is a one dimensional player "but boy is that one dimension pretty good." I think he sells Antonio way short. The National Football Post - in this undated player profile - is even more critical. What do you think about these criticisms?

So Fried Sports: Was Bobby Petrino Worth It?

NBC Sports: By the same token, is John L. Smith worth it? Smith on future with Arkansas: ‘The season is going to dictate that.’ Over at Athlon Sports, Steve Lassan is skeptical about John L. - though he's not as completely negative about him as the headline indicates - Arkansas Makes Bizarre Coaching Choice with John L. Smith. ESPN SEC blogger Ed Aschoff weighs in here on the hire, while Crystal Ball Run also kicks in their two cents - Arkansas football: John L. Smith gets his last big shot, while Jeff Long puts himself in a no-win situation.

My take? All I hope is that Arkansas is an easier out this year than they've been for the past four. I think that will have a lot more to do with how Coach Lorenzo Ward schemes to stop Tyler Bray, Knile Davis and the Hogs' receiving corps - which means beating Bobby Petrino's brother Paul, who is still the Razorback O.C. - than who the head honcho is. If we can beat the Hogs and UGA, and take care of our business with the rest of the SEC East (no small order, with Mizzou looking to make a statement and UF, UT, UK and Vandy all looking to improve) then we just might be able to withstand a loss to LSU at Baton Rouge and still make it to the Georgia Dome. SEC expansion raises possibility of bowl-eligible teams staying home in 2012 . We're not so far removed from the days of 7 win seasons that this prospect doesn't seem a little scary; it needs to be figured out ASAP for the overall good of the league. If programs can't make bowl games with 7 win seasons, then they're at an even bigger disadvantage in recruiting against the powerhouses - or against comparable schools in other leagues that do get to go to bowls after 7 or 6 win seasons; they also miss the precious extra practices. It's already bad enough that an undeserving Michigan team got to go to a BCS Bowl over Arkansas or South Carolina - both which finished higher in the BCS standings (and, no, I'm not saying we deserved a BCS bowl berth, but then neither did the Wolverines). Having MSU or Vandy get to seven wins and miss out on a bowl would be twenty times more inequitable.

The Sporting News: Bo Jackson leads bike ride across Alabama to help tornado victims. Bravo, Bo!

From the Twitterverse: Beat the Heels!!!! (Tweet by Willie Smith); and what in the world is Darryl talking about (Tweet by Darryl Slater)? Who has been booing Bruce Ellington? Also - is this another sign of the impending 2012 Mayan calendar apocalypse, or just good marketing to a slavish fan base? Or both? (Tweet by LB Dantzler).