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The Daily Feed: April 27, 2012 / NFL Draft Day 2

<em>Melvin Ingram is a San Diego Charger</em>
Melvin Ingram is a San Diego Charger

Congratulations to Stephon Gilmore and Melvin Ingram and good luck with the Bills and the Bolts, respectively! Due to my late hours enjoyment of Draft Day festivities, this will be a short TDF. Mea culpa.

Palmetto Recruiting: Basketball signee Ty Haughton won't be joining USC. I think we all saw this one coming but you really have to feel sorry for this young man; just read what he had to say about wanting to come to USC. Will this snub hurt us in South Florida, despite having a former Miami area high school coach at our helm? And as an aside does anyone else wonder what we'd be saying - screaming? - if Darrin Horn had been retained but Ty was ruled academically ineligible? There would have been a (virtual) bloodletting. (Update - read some more thoughts on cutting ties with Ty Haughton at Life of a Gamecock Blog.)

O'burg Times & Democrat: Alshon Jeffery of St. Matthews slides out of NFL Draft's first round. I think we all saw this coming too - at least we did when AJ1 didn't get the invite to Radio City Music Hall. I don't think it will have the least impact on him having a great NFL career; in light of the new rookie salary structure, it might not even cost him all that much in terms of real dollars, either, since he will be playing for his "second contract" like everyone else. But it has to hurt his pride, because he's got first round skills. (Vote in our GABA poll where you think Alshon will go in today's Draft).

Saturday Down South: There wasn't any doubt about this one, however - SEC Dominates Draft Night: 9 Players Selected In The First Round.

Sportstalkgolive: Rain forces a delay in USC-Alabama pitchers’ duel. The game will resume today at 5:00 p.m. Alabama has a no-hitter through 7.

Gamecock Central: Diamond Extra: Fear of the Fish takes off. I'm withholding further judgment until the end of the Bama series. If we get no-hit by the Tide in Game 1, though, then I'm afraid Reptar may have to be sent down. I kid! I kid!

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Football: 5 Most Important Redshirt Freshmen and Transfers by Flounder.