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Half Cocked Podcast, Episode 85: Laying Down Some Hot Raps (feat. Chicken Hoops)

Chris Culliver is back in trouble, D.J. Swearinger might be recording a rap song, and Kyle Bishop attempts to help us understand some advance basketball metrics.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's edition of Half Cocked, the Garnet And Black Attack podcast...

Kyle Bishop, author of the amazing Gamecock basketball blog Chicken Hoops, joins us to talk look back at the nearly completed 2012-13 season and gives us a glimpse into what we might reasonably expect next year. We also discuss which of our name-based rivalries (Southern Cal and North Carolina) we find most irritating and break some potentially exciting news about a DJ Swearinger rap song.

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On a completely boring, technical note, we had a significant equipment upgrade and the sound quality is much better than it has been on previous episode, so I hope you guys enjoy that.

Also, in the podcast, we make reference to Antonio Grant's game winner against Cincinnati in 1998 while talking about our favorite Gamecock basketball moments that we're old enough to remember. Here's the video: